Blackshawhead Environmental Action Team (BEAT): Promoting community energy efficiency

1012Blackshaw Environmental Action Team is creating a more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable Blackshaw Parish. This is to be done by producing more of our own food and energy, raising awareness on sustainability among all generations, but particularly the young, and generating an income that can be reinvested in the community to further our aims.

Our projects

  • Pennine Community Power: Producing more of our energy locally using renewable energy technologies.
  • Work with the Energy Saving Trust on home insulation issues and with British Gas/UKFM regarding installing air source heat pumps.
  • Insulation of a local chapel to create significant energy savings.
  • ‘Visit your neighbour’ events where the public can visit local households with renewable energy technologies.
  • Extended projects with other local organisations around sustainable buildings and power.

Successes and savings

BEAT has been active since 1998 and has helped raise awareness on sustainability issues, including climate change. This might have led to several households installing renewable energy technologies or taking other steps who would not otherwise have done so. However, it is difficult to identify how much BEAT’s activities have led to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Blackshaw Parish. BEAT has been very successful in raising money for our many activities.


It takes a lot of organising to have so many types of activities running as BEAT does not have any paid staff members. We are all doing it in our free time. We have a committee that meets monthly to organise the work although the attendance at our public meetings can be uneven.


Our website:

Power in the Community:

Contact details

Finn Jensen: or 01422 846863

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