Reducing Calderdale’s climate change emissions is mostly achieved by using less energy, or using it more efficiently, and by generating energy (particularly electricity) from sustainable sources that produce less CO2. Fortunately saving energy also means saving money, so everyone – businesses large and small, public organisations, communities, families and individuals – has a financial incentive to ‘Save energy, Save money!’

We all know that the cost of energy is already a pressing concern for everybody, and the government’s forecasts are that energy prices will continue to rise in the future (principally because world demand for energy and fuels will be increasing). But sensible decisions and investments by businesses and households now to become more energy-efficient will actually reduce the impact of those future price rises.

So by insulating our buildings (along with many other efficiency measures) we’ll be insulating our budgets and bank accounts as well.  The sooner we plan and implement those energy reducing actions, the more protected we’ll be from price shocks to come. What is more, our businesses will be more competitive in a low carbon world and there’ll be opportunities for Calderdale firms and jobs in providing energy efficiency goods and services. There’ll be less fuel poverty as people struggle to heat draughty homes.

So Calderdale’s Energy Future may be about reducing climate change emissions but it’s also about more profitable local businesses, reduced energy bills, and warmer homes.  It’s got to be worth it!

On this website you’ll find all sorts of stories from businesses, organisations and communities in Calderdale who already started to take action to save energy and save money. If they can, so can you.