Calderdale & Kirklees NHS Foundation Trust: balancing energy reductions and patient improvements

Calderdale Royal HospitalCalderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust (CHFT) have two large acute Hospital sites: Calderdale Royal Hospital which is a relatively new Private Finance Initiative Hospital and the other in Kirklees.  Whilst CHFT have other properties in their portfolio the two main sites produce the majority of carbon emissions. Nationally the NHS is committed to reducing CO2 emissions, which have dropped by 1m tonnes since the footprint was calculated in 2007.

Our projects

Since 2010/2011 CHFT have made significant efforts into reducing carbon emissions; projects include:

  • Conversion from a coal fired boiler to a gas-fired energy centre system at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary thus reducing carbon emissions by a third.  This has resulted in a reduction in heavy transportation of coal and a cleaner environment for our staff, patients and neighbours.
  • Replacement programme of energy efficient lighting complete with out of hours lighting controls
  • Replacement of chillers with energy efficient equipment
  • Replacement induction lighting in our main visitor car-parks
  • Significant reduction in waste sent to landfill due to improved segregation and alternative treatment.
  • Local initiatives including recycling of aluminium, paper, cardboard, plastics.
  • Programme of replacement bedpan washers with energy efficient models
  • Plant ‘Set-Back’ controls to reduce heating and electrical consumption

Energy initiatives for 2013/2014 includes significant capital spend on replacement chillers and the installation of plate heat exchangers at Huddersfield and the  investigation into a combined  heat and power plant at Calderdale Royal Hospital.


The Trust understands need for on-going commitment to reduce carbon emissions and improve sustainability but also recognise the need to balance this approach with service development ensuring patient services are not compromised.