Calderdale Council: Low Carbon Schools

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Eight primary schools have been assisted in implementing solar and biomass renewable energy measures.

Our Projects

Solar: Three primary schools in Calderdale were assisted to install solar electricity panels in 2011. The Council provided interest-free loans totalling £60,500 to Dean Field, Luddendenfoot, and Withinfields primary schools. As well as reducing the schools’ electricity bills, the solar panels attract Feed-in Tariff payments which are being used to repay the Council’s initial loan.

Biomass: Five primary schools – West Vale, St Chad’s, St Mary’s, Ash Green and Old Earth – have been assisted to install biomass boilers and backup gas boilers. This £900,000 scheme used prudential borrowing to provide loans to the schools to cover the cost of the installations. The project has not been without problems during installation, but it is likely that the last of these will be resolved in the next 2 months.


Solar: The payback period varies from school to school, but will be between 4.5 and 7.5 years. In addition, the schools have saved over £6000 on their electricity bills and over 30 tonnes CO2 saving.

Biomass: When fully operational the Renewal Heat Incentive payments (guaranteed for the next 20 years) will not only repay the loans but will become an additional source of income for the schools. Annual estimated Renewable Heat Incentive for the five schools is £92,793, added to the estimated fuel savings (those schools transferring from oil fired) gives a total of £105,000 per year and an estimated 229.5 tonnes CO2 saving.