Calderdale Council Housing Energy Action Team: Warmer homes across Calderdale

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Calderdale Council’s Housing Energy Action Team (HEAT) and registered housing provider Pennine Housing 2000 have helped insulate over 4000 properties throughout Calderdale during the last 3 years with loft, cavity wall or external wall insulation. Using energy company funding available through the Community Energy Savings Programme (CESP) and Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) obligations, and more recently the Green Deal & Energy Company Obligation Demonstrator Project, this investment has helped residents save money on their energy costs, made their homes warmer and more comfortable and reduced carbon emissions.

Our projects

The CESP scheme undertaken in 2012 was to 917 properties in Mixenden & Ovenden Wards, and was worth in excess of £10m made up of energy company funding, funding from Pennine Housing 2000 and contributions from private owners.

Properties in the scheme had one or more of the following energy saving measures installed:

  • External wall insulation and render system
  • Loft insulation
  • Replacement boilers
  • Heating controls
  • Replacement windows

There are 2 phases to the Green Deal demonstrator project in Illingworth. The first, now completed this year, had 30 non-traditional ‘steel framed’ homes insulated with an external wall insulation and render system; phase 2 now on site adds another 63 with maybe more to follow. These properties will benefit from cheaper energy bills, more comfortable living conditions and from the general facelift of the area with the light render finish, new soffits, new soil stacks and rain water goods where these are required. Nearly £700,000 energy company funding has been received towards the cost of the work.

Successes and savings

CESP: Approximate combined savings per year on energy bills : £262,150.  Total Carbon dioxide saving for life time of all installed measures: 110,339 tonnes.

Green Deal demonstrator project: the estimated annual savings in energy bills for each property could be around £490 (source: Energy Saving Trust).