A PDF of our conference programme will be up here soon; and when all the workshop slides are available to download we’ll send round an alert via Eventbrite

Conference report

Yesterday (Monday 14th October 2013) we had a great launch conference to start the implementation programme of Calderdale’s Energy Future, through to 2020. It followed immediately after the opening of our host Calderdale College’s new Sustainable Technology Centre.





The event was chaired by Councillor Barry Collins, Portfolio Holder for Economy & Environment, Calderdale Council.







The hall was packed; over 100 attended, from public and  private sector, and communities across Calderdale.






Plenary speakers were Merran McRae, Chief Executive, Calderdale Council ….






Robert Taylor, from Nestle’s in Halifax who described how the company produced 32,000 tonnes of After Eights and other assorted chocolates and met a -3% energy reduction target every year ….




and Kelly Grainger, from Interface (5th left) who also presented Bronze to Gold Carbon Pledge awards to the winners.





In between we had workshops about business energy efficiency, public sector leadership, the Green Deal, community energy generation, landscape and climate, and the ‘Big Picture’.






And we ended with networking and some ‘low carbon’, locally sourced food from the Bear Co-operative in Todmorden.



The response at the event and after has been very positive. So we’ve got Calderdale’s Energy Future off to a good start, but there’s a great deal more to do immediately to ‘save energy, save money, and save carbon’ – in 2014 and beyond. If you’d like to join our collective effort just contact us here.

We’d like to thank Calderdale College for being wonderful hosts; Calderdale Sustainability Forum for providing a little amount of funding needed for conference expenses including this new website; and our event organising team who worked so hard.