Ideas! Our Energy Future Event – 14th October 2013

We had a great event last year. It marked a new beginning for Calderdale Energy Future, renewing enthusiasm and engaging more people. There were some great discussions and lots of ideas and thoughts were shared. We hope you had a great time.

Below are the main points raised at some of the workshops:

  1. Can we work towards creating an ESCO or a CESCO? Leeds City Region is considering this option.
  2. Should communities go for fewer bigger wind turbines or rather several smaller ones to meet the wind turbine opposition half way?
  3. How do we engage the community to create behavioural change?
  4. Council to look at land with a view of identifying renewable energy opportunities- public and private.
  5. CEF to develop guidance for communities to access funding, develop shared ownership arrangements and crucially money for feasibility studies
  6. Utilise public health money (or other relevant bodies) to fund insulation, affordable warmth, etc.
  7. Getting more people involved with generating their own energy is an effective way of raising awareness of carbon issues.
  8. Wind power is a ready source of energy locally and should be utilised
  9. The big picture to include consideration of the large carbon sinks.
  10. Behaviour:  a comment that you can put all sorts of fancy energy efficiency systems into people’s homes, but if you don’t change their behaviour in how they live in their home at the same time that you won’t make the impact you want/need to. 
  11. Qualifying processes (for the householder): a suggestion that where householders are having new equipment put in their home they should be required (to qualify for the work) to undertake a training course of some kind. 
  12. Timing:  lots of work already being done, but the LCR Green Deal won’t happen until May 2014, are we going to be too late?  LCR rep on panel stated that no, we wouldn’t be too late.  There have only been 94,000 properties that have had any work done, across the whole country in the last 18 months.  The timescale may be extended anyway by 1 year, but still have time to access and spend the funding.  She also stated that some of the work being done is unnecessary and this is being addressed by OFGEMSupport for landowners – currently landowners trying to help but ending up with paying for work themselves even though work is to alleviate flooding.
  13. Sensitivity – would be good to have a map of constraints showing impact of development on birds and wildlife