Alternative Technology Centre, Hebden Bridge: community energy resource

The ATC was established in 1999 on the banks of the Rochdale canal in Hebden Bridge. As an educational centre on sustainability, our remit is to support communities improve their lives using sustainable means.

Our Projects

Two of the projects we are running at the moment are

Power from the Landscape supports people wanting to install microhydro. We started this project as the upper valley has a heritage of using water power in the main industry here – textiles. We researched many of the old water powered mill sites in the valley – the results of which can be seen here.   We were then successful in gaining European funding to audit sites across the South Pennines and their potential for producing energy – but using modern micro turbines. It became clear that though most of the sites are very small, there is great potential for developing many of them, producing enough energy for a small community or household and this was an underdeveloped area.

The project is currently in the process of implementing this through trialling the installation of small turbines systems at sites in the upper valley.

Warm Homes in a rural community – is a project we have just finished, piloting the government’s Renewable heat programme in a rural community off the gas network. Through this scheme we have been able to offer grants to households in the Todmorden/Cornholme area to install renewable heat systems – biomass (pellet) heating systems, air source heat pumps and solar thermal panels, which has resulted in a reduction in the heating bills, an improvement in the building warmth and even a small business start up in a ‘milk round’ delivery of pellets.

Previous projects include:

Community Renewables – this was a project we ran in partnership with Calderdale and Kirklees councils, supporting communities wishing to install community owned renewable energy schemes, working across Yorkshire and the Humber. This has been progressed into working with communities across Calderdale in developing community owned schemes.
Solar Club – we worked in partnership with Kirklees Council on the Solar Homes scheme, offering training for DIY installation of solar thermal panels
SUSchool – worked with local schools, where it audited many Calderdale schools energy and water use, and also developed man educational materials such as the Green Shoots project for the Youth Hostel Association.

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