Marshalls, Elland: reducing the energy consumption in landscaping

MarshallsPete Stevens

Group Carbon & Energy Manager, Marshalls

My job involves reducing all risks associated with energy consumption, and seeking opportunities to protect the environment and a British Manufacturer.

Our projects

The Marshalls Group manufactures and supplies landscape, driveway and garden products made from a range of materials including concrete, stone, iron, steel, wood, glass and polyurethane to the domestic, public sector and commercial end markets.  Marshalls’ vision is to be the supplier of choice to the landscape architect and contractor for architectural landscaping and to the consumer for garden and driveway improvement projects.

The use of energy is vital in the supply and manufacture of our products and represents a significant proportion of our operating costs. Rapidly rising energy costs for us and in our supply chain, growing concerns over security of supply and of climate change mean that the importance of controlling our energy use and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels has never been so high.

Currently we have 53 operational sites with ~400+ energy reduction projects! These range from improving lighting to redesigning equipment to reduce energy use.

Our approach is simple:

  • Select clear KPIs – 3.1% CO2e reduction per annum
  • Make sites/departments responsible via energy team or champions
  • Every site has a monthly report and plan to manage progress
  • Provide suitable investment to meet targets
  • Feedback at all levels on progress against target

Successes and savings

Over the last two years we have reinvested heavily in the most efficient lighting available to reduce our carbon footprint. This has saved well over 1200 tonnes of CO2e being emitted to the atmosphere. Marshalls is also really proud of our site energy champions who have helped to reduce our baseload almost by half from 2012.


The main obstacles to improving our performance further is the lack of joined up thinking on energy policy. Local opposition to developing renewable projects. Sharing best practice and innovation is also difficult.


Twitter: @MarshallsCarbon

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