Interface, Shelf: It’s ‘Mission Zero!’

InterfaceInterface is a global manufacturer of free-lay, modular carpet tiles. It is a large organisation with over 3,500 employees in 4 continents and sales in 110 countries. Since 1994, the company’s long standing sustainable practices under their “Mission Zero” programme have led to their recognition as being radical pioneers of sustainable business practices. It’s UK head office is in Shelf Mills, Halifax

In 1997, we were the first company to produce a sustainability report, containing an unflinching account of the company’s emissions, wastage and consumption, according to their measurements from a 1994 baseline. It made a commitment to eliminating these wastes and emissions entirely by the year 2020.

Our projects

Today, having worked on Mission Zero for 18 years, the company have exceptional experience in leading their industry (and the wider business world) towards more environmentally-friendly practices, and are often used as an example of how all businesses could be moving towards a more sustainable future – all while growing shareholder value rather than reducing it.

Through Mission Zero actions, the company have accumulated savings (through reduced waste and other avoided costs) of over $430M globally. In 2011, the company diverted 11,243 tonnes of carpet and carpet scraps from landfill through their product take-back recycling scheme, and production waste sent to landfill is down by 91% since 1996.

In 2014 Interface plan to switch to 100% biogas in their European factories. They also plan to eliminate all fresh water used in their production processes by the end of 2013.

Successes and savings

In Europe, the company’s gas consumption has been cut by 74% since 1996, and all electricity is now purchased from 100% renewable sources. Overall, the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the company per unit of production is down by 41% since 1996.