Calderdale’s Energy Future is the climate change and energy strategy approved by Calderdale Council in April 2012. It sets out how ‘the Council and its partners can transform our current thinking to support a resilient low carbon economy, which will lead the Borough to achieve a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 from a 2005 baseline. It focuses our attention on priority actions that will have the biggest carbon reduction impact while protecting our communities and landscapes. We want to achieve these targets in a way that delivers the maximum social, economic and environmental benefits to the community’ Foreword

Because the strategy relates to CO2 emissions and energy use by everyone in Calderdale the task of implementing it is not just the Council’s. It is a responsibility shared with many other partners. A Panel made up of representatives from public bodies, business and community representatives has been working since autumn 2012 to advise on how its challenging carbon reduction target can be achieved in the most effective and positive way, and so that Calderdale makes its fair contribution to the national targets established by the Climate Change Act 2008. The Panel, and this website, is independent of the Council. Implementation of the Council’s strategy will nonetheless be undertaken through its appointed scrutiny mechanisms.

The resources available to the Council and Panel to implement the CEF initiative are limited; however energy use affects so many aspects of Calderdale’s public, private and community sectors that there are a great many potential partners who can share the work. Officers of the Council Environmental Management Team (and others) are developing the CEF strategy and individual projects. The Panel has no budget and instead seeks support from its partners.

If you’d like to be a CEF partner – and everyone who has taken action to reduce their energy use or carbon ermissions, or is planning to do so, is really already one! – we’d welcome your involvement.

To find out more about Calderdale’s Energy Future and how you can make your contribution contact Emma Appleton: 01422 392074

Membership and meetings of the CEF Panel can be found here .